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How it all began

We are a small family kennel, our dogs are full members of our family. They are traveling with us to the mountains and the sea and they are an indispensable part of our lives. Breeding and dog shows we have as an extra bonus, the most important for us is that our dogs have happy and fulfilled lives.

My love with the big shepherd breeds began in my childhood. Dogs were part of my life from my birth, but usually they were mongrels with hunting blood. They were loyal friends, but even more passionate hunters and stubborn dogs. My first dream dog I got from my parents when I was thirteen. It was a bobtail and looked like from the fairy tale. He was followed by two Bernese Mountain Dogs and my life was definitely changed during one evening, when I saw a television report about Pyrenean Mastiff. He meets my idea of the perfect dog - huge, majestic dog, fearless guardian and loving friend who has his own intelligence. I immediately knew that once I will have this dog. After that my dream come true and I have to thank to my patient husband who supported me although he was initially typical "cat-lover". In those days we were students of Fine Arts and we did totally crazy thing - we spent almost all the money that we received as a wedding gift and bought a dog for them… The first Pyrenean Mastiff in our family. It is female Čabajka who was born in the beautiful magical date 11. 11. 2011 and who became friend of our two years old Bernese female Matylda. 

We totally fell in love with this kind of dog. Čabajka proved to be a bit stubborn dog with a personality and a huge heart. Compare to Matylda, who usually performs circus acts for a piece of food, Čabajka is a very headstrong, absolutely independent, but very loving and devoted. We needed a little time to understand her attitude to life. We soon discovered that this relationship will be not typical relationship between dog and his owner. We found that we will be partners. We spent a lot of time in the woods, I was riding the horse and girls were running beside me. We often went to our cottage in the forests, to the mountains of Slovakia, to Croatian sea. And I began to dream about the kennel ...

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